Disaster Simulation

An AnyLogic Agent-Based Simulation Approach

Course Director

Ali Asgary, PhD, Disaster & Emergency Management Program & Associate Director of Advanced Disaster, Emergency and Rapid Response Simulation (ADERSIM) at York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Email: asgary@yorku.ca

Course Description

This course demonstrates and teaches the use of AnyLogic simulation software to simulate various types of disasters.  Users will learn how to develop agent-based simulation of hazards, hazard mitigation methods, disaster preparedness and response activities such as evacuation, search and rescue operations, disaster logistics, etc.

This is an ongoing course and more lessons are added in a weekly basis. while some lessons may be connected to each other, lessons are designed so that they can be used independently. Examples will be drawn from various hazard and geographic regions and industries.


To use this course users need to download the free PLE version of AnyLogic Software from AnyLogic website:


Lesson 1:  Creating a base model 1

Agent-Based Simulation-Lesson2

Lesson 3: Defining Agents ' Behavior 1

Lesson 4: Defining Agents'  Behavior 2

Lesson 5: Defining Agents' Behavior 3

Lesson 6: Extracting Simulation Results-Charts and Graphs 1

More lessons will come in a weekly basis.

If you have any question or comment please email course director at : asgary@yorku.ca

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