Developing Disaster Mutual Assistance Decision Support Tool for Electricity Utilities

Funded by: Toronto Hydro, Canadian Electricity Association

Research team

  • Ali Asgary
  • Benjamin Pantin
  • Jenaro Nosedal-Sanchez
  • Jianhong Wu
  • Maryam Shafei-Sabet
  • Bahareh Esmaili
  • Arun Selvadurai

Project Outcomes

Asgary A., Nosedal-Sanchez, J., Pantin, B., Wu, J., and Shafei-Sabet, M., “Testing and validating a disaster mutual assistance decision support tool for electricity companies”, Int. J. Business Continuity and Risk Management, 7(4).

Asgary, A., Pantin, B., Emamgholizadeh Saiir, B., and Wu, J., (2017) "Developing disaster mutual assistance decision criteria for electricity industry", Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal, 26(2), pp.230 – 240.

Asgary A., Pantin, B., and Selvadurai, A., 2017, “Disaster Mutual Assistance Management Application for Canadian Electricity Companies”, ESRI Canada Education and Research Conference, University of Toronto, October 11, 2017.

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