Developing a Spontaneous Volunteers Management Framework and System for Major Disasters & Emergencies in Ontario

The project aims to develop and study spontaneous volunteers (SVs) and a spontaneous volunteer management system (SVMS) prototype for Ontario. Incorporating the current best practices in Canada and elsewhere, and addressing the existing challenges and issues, this project will develop the proposed SVMS  in close partnership between the researchers from York University (Disaster and Emergency Management & Human Resources Managemnet) and the NGO Alliance of Ontario and the City of Brampton. The outcome of this study will improve and strengthen the management of disaster volunteers in Ontario.

Project Main Goals

  1. Enhance SVs management and their effectiveness during major emergencies;
  2. Adopt the latest theories and technologies for usage in SVs management;
  3. Better serve the people and communities impacted by disaster and emergencies;
  4. Deepen our understanding of the SVs management challenges and issues in short and long run;
  5. Build organizational and technical capacities for SVs management in Ontario in collaboration with a variety of different stakeholders; and
  6. Develop a SVs management system application that enables SVs management agencies to recruit, organize, coordinate, dispatch and effectively manage SVs during major emergencies.

Team Members

  • Dr. Ali Asgary, Disaster & Emergency Management, at the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
  • Professor Ken McBey, Disaster & Emergency Management and School of Human Resource Managemnet, at the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
  • Alain Normand, Emergency Manager, City of Brampton
  • Steve Elliot, NGO Allience of Ontario
  • Leila Daddoust, Master of Disaster & Emergency Management (MDEM) candidate
  • Wondwosen Assefa Agune, Master of Disaster & Emergency Management (MDEM) candidate