ADERSIM Researchers

Postdocs/ Research Associates

Dr. Mohammadali

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Water Resources Engineering); Sharif University of Technology (2013)

Research Interests: Water Resources Modeling and Management (Storm Water Management Control and Management, Water Quality, Risk Analysis, etc.); Disaster, Emergency, and Response Management; Data Science; Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Dr. Jalal Possik

Ph.D. in Computer and Industrial Engineering; University of Bordeaux – France (2019)

Research Interests: Modeling and Simulation; Distributed Simulation; Interoperability; IT Solutions; Process Modeling; Optimization; Mathematical Modeling; Smart Manufacturing; Industry 4.0; Lean Management; Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Mahdi M. Najafabadi

Ph.D. in Information Science (Government IT and Data Analytics); State University of New York (2020)

Research Interests: Decision-Support Systems; Simulation Modeling; Open Data; ICT4D; Social Networks Analysis

Dr. Felippe Cronemberger

Ph.D. in Information Science (Government IT and Data Analytics); State University of New York (2018)

Research Interest: ICTs; Information sharing; Business intelligence; Simulation modeling

Research Assistants

Dr. Leila Daddoust

Master of Disaster and Emergency Management, York University (2020)

Research Interests: Disaster Health; Vulnerable Groups; Social Vulnerability; Spontaneous Volunteers; Disaster Management

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Mahdi Faraji

Ph.D. in Earthquake and Lifeline Engineering;
Kyoto University (2012)

Research Interests: Emergency Management; Critical Infrastructure Resiliency; Lifeline Engineering; Earthquake and Flood Risk Management

Dr. Mohammad Reza
Bazargan Lari

Ph.D. in Water Science and Engineering; Islamic Azad University, Tehran (2009)

Research Interests: Environmental and water resources management; Real-time response to contamination emergencies of urban water networks; Storm water management; Real-time decision support systems; Robust optimization; Optimization of complex systems

Abel Augusto
Ribeiro Guimaraes

Master of Electrical Engineering;
FEI University Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Research  Interests: Artificial Intelligence;
Automation; Robotics

Master Students

Nazanin Nadri

Research Interests: Virtual reality applications in disaster and emergency management; Agent-based modelling; Disease transmission in health care facilities

Leo De Ruiter

Research Interests: Emergency management in long term care facilities; GIS and spatial analysis

Janithra Wimaladasa

Research interests: Emergency managemet at Long Term Care Facilities, GIS and Spatial Analysis