Agent-Based Simulation of Forced Displacement

As part of:

Building Bridges across Social and Computational Sciences: Using Big Data to Inform Humanitarian Policy and Interventions

As part of the bigger project, this project aims to develop an agent-based simulation application for forced displacement caused by various factors such as conflicts, natural hazards, climate change, etc.. 


Research Team

  • Ali Asgary
  • Adriano Solis
  • Jenaro Nosedal-Sanchez
  • Kazi Rahman
  • Francesco Longo
  • Maria Chiara Curinga
  • Luigi Emanuele Alessio
  • Hadi Rezvani

Project outcomes

Nosedal-Sanchez, J., Asgary, A., and Solis, A., Longo, F., 2017, “MODELING AND SIMULATION OF FORCED POPULATION DISPLACEMENT FLOWS USING COLORED PETRI NETS”, DHSS 2017 Proceeding, Barcelona, Spain.

Asgary, A., Solis, A.O., Longo, F., Nosedal, J., Curinga, M.C., and Alessio, L.E., "An Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation Tool for Estimation of Forced Population Displacement Flows in Iraq" Proceedings of the 6th International Defense and Homeland Security Simulation Workshop, Larnaca, Cyprus, September 2016, 75-81.