ADERSIM Team participated in Pearson Airport Annual Functional Exercise (#YYZEmergEx)


Professor Jianhong Wu, ADERSIM Director, receives NSERC/Sanofi Industrial Research Chair in Vaccine Mathematics, Modelling and Manufacturing

“The dedicated resources this collaboration brings will enable us to focus on infectious diseases that are critically important to the health of Canadians. With access to clinical trial data and vaccine efficacy data from both public agencies and the private sector, we will use mathematical modelling to inform the most efficient and cost-effective ways to immunize the public against these diseases.”
Jianhong Wu, York University Distinguished Research Professor, Faculty of Science

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ADERSIM team participated in TTC-YORK Emergency Exercise by Creating  a High Tech Shadow EOC

Students from the Disaster and Emergency Management (DEM) program and Advanced Disaster, Emergency and Rapid Response Simulation (ADERSIM) program participated in the TTC/York exercise in four diverse groups.

“Our collaboration with the Community Safety Department in this emergency simulation exercise helped to inform our work in developing the state of the art modelling and simulation technology for disaster management in ADERSIM (Advanced Disaster, Emergency and Rapid Response Simulation) and provided an invaluable research and training opportunity for our NSERC CREATE program trainees,” said Ali Asgary, associate professor of disaster & emergency Management, and the associate director of ADERSIM.


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TTC emergency simulation offered unprecedented experience for York U students

ADERSIM team participated in Brampton Emergency Exercise on September 19, 2017.

The City of Brampton (ADERSIM Partner) held its largest full-scale emergency exercise on Tuesday, Sept. 19, responding to a fake tornado touchdown at the Powerade Centre.
More than 100 volunteers (including a number of graduate and undergraduate students from York University's disaster and emergency management programs) applied injury makeup and some impressive acting skills to help create a realistic atmosphere for multiple emergency responders as they put theory into practice and worked together to to deal with the challenges a major disaster poses.